We see potential, not problems.

We are at the dawn of an exciting new era in industrial automation.

Today, most businesses use legacy control systems, collect data in
batches, keep them in a closed box and analyze them after the fact.

Tomorrow, the collection, analysis and decision-making will all
happen in real time, at high speed, at scale.

Building a breakwater against a tsunami of data

When we opened our doors in 2017, forward-thinking corporations were starting to transition their initial IoT systems, in which their machines were sharing data about their production environment, towards a more advanced handling of data with edge computing, cloud connectivity and real-time decision-making by artificial intelligence.

However, manufacturers with legacy C and C++ software systems were struggling to effectively process the rapidly increasing volumes of data being produced by their machines and equipment. With no other companies offering a service that connected these traditional embedded systems to the cloud, our founding trio at Lempea seized the opportunity to utilise our unique skills and begin innovating solutions for clients.

Before connecting your systems, we connect with you.

The Finnish word ‘lempeä’ means ‘gentle’ or ‘compassionate’, reflecting the importance we place on people and relationships. We encourage all of our customers to think of us as partners, not consultants or contractors, and know that a partnership built on trust will produce exponentially better results and enhanced productivity.

Now, several years after our start-up beginnings, we’re proud of the path Lempea has carved out as the Nordic leader in connected embedded systems. We’ve partnered with a number of market-leading brands across logistics, manufacturing and telecommunications to deliver exceptional solutions and grown our team to over 20 software experts.

In our line of work, we believe that if you don’t continue to evolve, you’ll be left behind and so we always keep an eye on the horizon to see what the future has in store.

The three founders

Lempea’s founding trio have a long and fruitful working relationship, first at the cutting edge of telecommunications with Ericsson and later in software and cloud development at the Otaniemi Technology Park in Espoo, Finland.

Henri Kivioja

Founder - Chief Executive Officer

“They say that nowadays, every company is a software company. In the world of industrial systems, that means that every manufacturing company needs software, but those skills aren’t necessarily in their DNA. At Lempea we lead our clients through digital transformation – because connecting proprietary embedded systems to digital cloud platforms is in our DNA”.

Jarne Atsar

Founder - Chief Operations Officer

“Businesses who succeed in the future will be those who realise they need to take advantage of the under-utilised assets that they inherently possess: their data. Those who implement data-based decision making processes will see enormous improvements to their business – whether in logistics, production, or customer life cycle management”.

Jussi Mäki

Founder - Chief Technology Officer

“Our team’s difference is in our expertise. We don’t need to be briefed on details, just give us your direction and high-level goal. We’ll break it down into pieces and execute it in the best possible way. Instead of forcing our customers to think and worry more, we want to take away their concerns so that they can focus on their business”.

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