Pervasive Data Science on the Edge

Dr. Eemil Lagerspetz is a Software Architect of RAIN, our SaaS platform that connects IoT devices and other de-centralized data sources to the cloud where our customers can easily deploy AI-powered data analytics and decision-making applications.

He is also a docent and an Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, Finland, where he completed his PhD in 2014. His research interests include large-scale data analysis (big data), mobile and edge computing, and energy efficiency.

Two years ago, Dr. Lagerspetz and six fellow researchers from the University of Helsinki and Lancaster University in the U.K. published a paper about the feasibility of exploiting computing devices on the edges of digital networks for collective processing.

In their model, smart homes, smart buildings, smart offices, and other types of smart spaces can become providers of powerful computation as a service, enabling edge analytics and other applications that require pervasive decision making.

The edge-to-cloud continuum

Available smart devices opportunistically form micro-data centres that can support deep learning-based investigations of data streams generated by sensors.

By locating processing closer to the sensors and by taking advantage of low-latency connectivity technology, such as Bluetooth low energy (BLE), the generated data can be analysed promptly by avoiding the multiple network hops needed to transmit data to cloud data centers. In other words, processing becomes available at the edge of the network.

This research by Dr. Lagerspetz and his colleagues underpins use cases that combine edge computing, machine learning and connectivity between embedded systems and cloud infrastructure.

At Lempea we provide best-in-class consulting and software development services in this area, alongside our SaaS platform, RAIN, a no-hassle solution that connects all hard- and software on the edge-to-cloud continuum.

Feel free to download the research paper ‘Pervasive Data Science on the Edge’ in PDF format here:

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Jos Schuurmans
Jos Schuurmans