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We pride ourselves on being thorough. That means taking time to understand your business’s unique requirements and the needs of the people running your systems. Only then will our team of software professionals innovate your solution and lead your project from start to completion.

We speak your language

Our team has unique, increasingly sought-after expertise in C and C++ lower-level software languages that many machines and embedded systems rely on. As a full-service provider, we also offer development in the modern suite of higher abstraction-level languages such as Python, Java and Javascript.

We specialize in:

Embedded software development

Lempea’s software solutions are designed for optimal performance on any hardware. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Device connectivity;
  • Connecting devices to the Cloud;
  • Data handling/processing;
  • Security;
  • Runtime technologies.

Our software experts work to overcome common constraints of embedded devices, including limited storage, memory and computing capacity. We’re also adept at working across any number of processor models, operating systems, special connector interfaces and irregular protocols.

We maintain the highest standard of quality control by running regular integration checks and automated code testing throughout the development process.

Product development leadership

To get the best product, you need the best development process.

Partnering with Lempea allows you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business with the confidence that your project is being rolled out with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

From leading complex ICT projects (IoT, telecom and cloud), we understand the importance of balancing business requirements with technical requirements. Therefore we hand-pick our team accordingly. Depending on the complexity and scale of your development, your Lempea team may include Product Owners, Product Managers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches.

We’re well versed in different project management processes, from linear waterfall management to modern agile and scaled agile approaches. Depending on your needs, we can adapt a specific process or combine aspects from multiple approaches.

We create fast feedback loops with everyone involved. We pride ourselves on delivering crystal-clear communication throughout your organisation, from ‘big picture’ outcomes to technical details with relevant stakeholders. We can also lead projects across multiple locations and countries, where cohesion and strong communication are all the more vital.

By creating real structure and transparency for Product Development, we achieve motivated development teams, quality products and a faster time to market.

Product life cycle management

Lempea has a strong focus on developing products that remain adaptable and agile in future environments.

When evaluating the suitability of different products for your project, the life cycle and future compatibility of any given solution is a key consideration. We thoroughly analyze a number of alternative options against the long-term goals of your project and then recommend the best solution.

The technical implementation of your project will be led by an experienced Lempea System Architect with a support team, hand-picked for their specific expertise in different development environments. The team will manage your product’s initial release and then support you through later life cycle development, including new features and functions. We can also help you plan for the end of your products’ life cycle so that its exit from the market is smooth and causes minimal disruption.

The Lempea team aims to reduce future costs for your business by building solutions with manageable future upgrades. For us, part of providing a great service is to understand the importance of thorough planning in minimising unforeseen and potentially costly future upgrades.

Case Studies

IoT Gateway development

Digitizing equipment control

The client:
One of the world’s leading producers of electro-mechanical machinery.

The task:
The client required a Gateway to digitize control of their equipment and machinery and enable such functionality as:

  • Providing a secure environment to read and write from/to the machine unit, including remote updates;
  • Supporting data collection and processing before uploading to cloud;
  • Enabling a number of different third-party applications to be run on the Gateway,g. data analytics;
  • Providing cloud connectivity through different connection methods: wired, wireless etc.

Lempea’s solution:
Our team is developing application software for an embedded connected gateway device. The gateway device will collect and sort data from the network of machinery based on the client’s priorities.

Software Architecture:
After a thorough consultation process with the clientwe drew up a comprehensive software architecture to plan the development and divide the work into stages. This included evaluating options for Device Management solutions and Operating Systems and defining the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

We deployed a team of six to manage the client’s project and split the software development into two stages. In the initial phase, the gateway would act only as a pass-through device. In stage two, the gateway will also process the data, allowing control over which data is stored, deleted and made available for immediate access on local servers.

The result:
The client has optimized efficiency for data transfer and collection across their entire fleet of devices and made data available for various cloud backends, resulting in a seamless process.

The developed gateway device will continue to be compatible with any software advances in this sector for years to come, enabling the client to focus their attention to other aspects of their business and growing their market share.

The team at Lempea have been incredibly supportive since the first day we approached them. They are experts in simplifying the highly complex issues we faced in connection with our organizational structure. They were also very thorough in taking the time to understand our requirements and deliver us a solution that will stand the test of time.

Client Project Manager for the IoT Gateway and Cloud-connected devices
Client name withheld to protect IP and confidentiality.

5G radio development

The client:
One of the world’s leading telecom vendors, at the cutting edge of 5G development.

The task:
An exciting and ambitious project to develop real-time software for baseband units in 5G radio base stations.

Lempea’s solution:
We partnered with the telecom company to develop and implement low-level software that talks directly to the 5G hardware, as well as higher-level software to test the system.

Software Architecture:
The software is the critical component in radio products as it lays the foundation for some of 5G’s key improvements: super high throughput and low latency.

We assembled a development team of seven experts, who collectively are responsible for the architecture, development and testing of the software as well as providing ongoing support for future iterations of the product.

The result:
Our primary deliverable is the automation of continuous testing of the software, to ensure the product meets the agreed outcomes. An important feature of this development is the ability to split the product’s large feature set into smaller deliverables. This allows stakeholders to view progress by looking at either the product backlog or code repositories.

Lempea has been a great asset for us to support our 5G engagements. Lempea delivers quality results on time and to be honest, their forward-looking ideation has improved our overall performance in the 5G project.

Mika Rosslyn, Sourcing Director at Siili One Ltd.

Renewing a multinational hotel chain’s digital services

The client:
SOKOS Hotels – a multinational chain with hotels in Finland, Russia and Estonia.

The task:
SOKOS required the renewal and adaptation of a suite of digital services for their hotels in light of some unique challenges posed by COVID-19. The hotel chain faced the specific issue of collecting customer research during lockdown, and partnered with Lempea to provide solutions.

Lempea supplied a team to lead the project, working as full-time product owners.
The scope included everything from business case identification to customer research, service design, developing new digital services, prototyping, project management and implementation.

Challenges to overcome in this project included managing a team with limited familiarity and running the project 100% remotely – in accordance with COVID-19 regulations. Over the course of the project, approximately two dozen remote tools were evaluated to find the most suitable product for development.

The result:
Stay tuned! This Lempea project is live and we can’t wait to share some fantastic customer outcomes soon!

Lempea’s amazing attitude towards solving our issues has been of tremendous help in allowing our project to proceed.

Visa Jaatinen, CDO at SOKOS Hotels.

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